Friday, September 25, 2015

Living the College Life

Hey you all! I suppose you'd probably like and update as to how things are going. Its been awhile since I've posted over here.

I have now survived one month at college!

Here's a random selfie with my roommate. She blogs at
It really does deserve a moment of celebration. I am quite proud of myself. Its been hard but its also had its good times. I've decided going to college is a bit like a roller coaster. Constantly going up and down. The first few weeks were kind of rough. I don't do well with change. But I feel like I've started to get into more of a routine now and its not nearly as overwhelming. I am learning. And that learning goes far beyond books. Right now I'm learning about who I am and how I react to the circumstances around me. Let's just say its been interesting.

One thing I'm really enjoying here though is my Film Class. Its so much fun! Its a lot of work, but its studying something I actually love. Which is just awesome. And no, we do far more in class then just watch movies. We've actually been working on writing scripts and we're going to make shorts films in class. And in the other part of class we've been learning about the history of film, which is actually quite fascinating. (For homework last week I had to watch a three hour long silent film. That was new..)

And in other news, I'm actually writing on a new blog. This blog is specifically for the college (the school asked me to write it). So if you want to read weekly stuff that I write, check it out. But no worries, this is still my personal blog. I'm not leaving. ;)

Until I write again!