Monday, June 8, 2015

I Graduated!! (and senior pics)

Its official! I graduated!! I am now a high school graduate. Now more school!! Ok, not really. Just for a couple of months and then I go off to college. But whatever. :D I'll enjoy the feeling of accomplishment while I can.

I was homeschooled so I graduated with a bunch of other homeschoolers. We planned the ceremony, and I think it turned out really nice. And had quite the turn out! There were about 10 of us graduating more or less. (I'm too lazy to actually count) And a lot of people came to the ceremony. Like A LOT. I was really impressed and felt honored.

The actual ceremony was semi traditional. We walked in to the normal "pomp and circumstance". We walked out to a classical piece. We had a speaker. (whom I will attempt not to comment on) Each set of parents handed their kid their diploma. I debated after getting my diploma to hold it over my head and present it to the crowd like Simba in Lion King, but I decided to restrain myself.

The class (mostly the guys) were split on wearing caps and gowns. So the group ended up deciding to just wear caps. Which I thought was weird and made them look even stranger, but I made it work. (I actually was pretty proud of myself for my color coordinating my fashion that day.)

After the ceremony, I invited a lot of people back to my house and we celebrated with a party. We played games (one of which involved getting a pie smashed in my face, whose brilliant idea was that?) (actually it was hilarious and I was laughing hysterically). We randomly decided to go swimming in my pond. And we did Chinese lanterns. (Like in Tangled!)

AND A TARDIS CAKE!!! My totally awesome talented Aunt made me a Tardis cake for my graduation! Is it not amazing! And tasted super good too. Something like chocolate cake, Swiss buttercream icing on the inside, and white chocolate (dyed blue) on the outside. Like I said. Delicious.

All in all it was a super fun day. I'm so thankful for everyone involved! Y'all made it memorable.

So, in honor of graduating, I thought I would also share some of my "senior pictures". Which ended up being funny, because I got so busy I didn't have time to like actually plan a day to get a photographer to take them. But I really needed a picture to put on my invitation. So, one afternoon when I had some time, I roped my mother into using my camera to take some quick shots. It was quite amusing because my mom isn't much of a photographer so the whole time I was explaining how to set up the shots or whatever, but she really actually got into it and did a great job. I was impressed. Yay for awesome mothers! And I'm happy to say I sent out invitations with a picture. Success.

Anyways, here are a few of the pics we took that day. I'm calling these the honorable mentions because they didn't actually make it on the invitation. But I thought they were cute anyway and deserved to be posted somewhere. :D

Ya, and that's just me being weird. I couldn't resist.

Now its goodbye high school and hello college! (But more on that later...)


  1. Your weirdness in the last senior photo cracks me up. Congrats on graduating! You totally deserve that TARDIS cake (wonder if it has any of the TARDIS'S qualities... XD)

    xoxo Morning

  2. that TARDIS cake ohmygiddyaunt! :D
    Congrats on graduating! I'm SO close to!!!
    It's interesting seeing how you guys graduate in america with the growns and everything. At my school we just coughdestroyouruniformcough :P

  3. Congratulations on graduating! What are you going to be studying at college?

    You are so pretty! I love the photos of you :) And that TARDIS cake looks so good. I bet it tasted amazing too.

  4. Congratulations! I loooooove the dress you wore for graduation! and the pictures turned out lovely. you are a gorgeous girl.
    and that TARDIS cake looks delicious.....yummmmmm:)

  5. Congratulations to you for graduation! Congratulations to your aunt for making such a supremely amazing cake! Congratulations to your mom for doing a photo shoot with you!

    Also, those shoes you have in the last picture? I have a pair just like that, from when I was in high school and my 3 friends and I all loooooooved that look, and we each got a pair that reflected our personality. Mine were like yours, all retro and quiet. One friend got platforms, one got toeless sandals, and one got shiny plasticy ones. Ahhh, good times.