Monday, August 10, 2015


I tried to resist. I really did. BUT A DOCTOR WHO TAAAAGGGG!!! yeah I knew this was coming... :D :D

Felicity nominated me for this after she posted it over on her blog. So thank you dear! You have made me a very happy fangirl.

So on with the questions!
1. Who is your favourite doctor?
 11. Always eleven. He just so quirky and funny yet so brave and inspirational. He never ceases to put a smile on my face. And Matt Smith plays him brilliantly! His acting and portrayal of the character are so spot on. Every episode is good.
2. What is your favourite story?
"Vincent and The Doctor" is one of my favorites. Not only is this one of the time travelling history episodes (which often tend to be my favorites),but this one also has a lot of underlying depth to it. I really just love this story. The end almost always puts tears in my eyes. Its really inspirational.
3. Who is your favourite companion?
Amelia Pond! I love how spunky and adventurous Amy is. She and Eleven get along really well together. And I love Amy and Rory together. They're adorable. Ooohh and Captain Jack from the earlier seasons. He just makes me laugh. :D

4. What was the first story you ever watched?
First episode? Funny you should ask. :D So I'd heard about all the Doctor Who stuff and thought I'd give it a try just once. So I clicked on the first episode I could find and it happened to be "The Rings of Akatan" with Eleven and Clara. Amazingly I liked it and continued to watch more! I have since gone back and seen all the new seasons.

5. What is your favourite series/era?
 Definitely The Eleventh Doctor and Amy and Rory. So basically seasons 5 and 6.  

6. What is your favourite pre or post regeneration story?
 I do like the funny bit when 9 regenerates into 10 and he looses his hand and sword fights on a spaceship. That one always makes me laugh.
7. What is your favourite TARDIS desktop theme?
Eleven's first Tardis interior theme. I like all the gadgets!

8. What/Who are your favourite villains?
 THE WEEPING ANGELS cause they're just so cool and creepy. I love that episode "Blink". Actually one of the first Doctor Who episodes I watched. I really just love how creative a bad guy they are. Budget cuts? No problem! We'll just create a creepy villain that is a statue when you look at it and doesn't move. No need for special effects here!
And that's the end! Only eight questions I know. Kinda sad actually. I love talking about Doctor Who!
Until later!
 (And remember DON'T BLINK don't even blink.) :D


  1. Yay! I love eleven! And "The Vincent & The Doctor' episode was amazing. One of my favourites.

    I wish there were more questions too, maybe one day I'll add more questions??

    1. YES! You totally should! A doctor who tag part two or something haha :D

  2. I've actually never watched doctor who, but my sister got to meet the actress who plays Amelia pond at this year's comic con, and she got a picture with her. :)

  3. Matt Smith is just spot on as the Doctor; I love how he danced with his arms super straight in the air and he wiggles them because that is the most amazing dance move I have ever seen. Seasons 5 and 6 are my favorites too (and the Weeping Angels. "The Angels Take Manhattan" always brings tears"). *SOBS*

    xoxo Morning