Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Off to College...!!!


The count down has begun. The very short under-two-weeks count down. That's right I will be an official college student (or university student, depending on where you are in the world) in a little over a week.

Where has my life gone?! Like wow this all kind of is happening fast.

Actually technically for one I'll be a normal student and person. You see for the first time in my life I will actually be going to school. What, you ask? I never did school? No, I've never been to school. #LifeOfAHomeschooler Yup, homeschooled. So actually sitting in class will be an entirely new experience. Now I'm not worried about the academic side of college. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to handle the class work just fine. It's the going to school every day and sitting in class but that I'm a little sketchy on. I mean, what if my teachers boring and I fall asleep! (Ok that probably won't happen but whatever)

As far as academics, I'm actually ahead in college already. As a homeschooler one of the benefits was that I could take college classes ahead of time. You know, dual enroll. Which is what I did thanks to the help of modern technology. I've really actually already finished a semester of college and a lot of my gen ed courses. Which I am so thankful for now! Because of that this semester I've actually been able to pick and choose what classes I want. And I think I've selected some interesting ones.

.... now, just don't get overwhelmed by all of the incredibly amazing choices!! : )))

So what exactly am I studying? Well I haven't completely made my mind up yet. I'm a girl of many diverse interests. (Did I ever tell you about the time I wanted to be a fighter pilot?) For now I am majoring in Business with a marketing option. But I am also taking a film course. I really enjoy anything that has to do with films and their making but I'm skeptical of actually majoring in it. (even though I'd kind of like to) So I thought I would take the first course in the major (since I can) and see it I like it. It's obviously called Introduction to Film and I'm pretty excited about it. I think it'll be a fun class! But I am also taking some Business classes. And no, it's because I actually like business stuff believe or not. I know a lot of people do Business because it's kind of generic, but I actually like it.

So that is kind of the gist of my college plans. Freshman orientation starts on August 22 and classes begin on the 26th.

I am very excited and nervous all at the same time. And everything is crazy around  here right now. But mostly I am curious and I can't wait to see what is going to happen!        All Inclusive, Affordable, Quality Retreat! Costa Rica! Book Online.


  1. That's so exciting, I suppose you shall have a lot less time for blogging now though.

    1. I'm hoping to still be able to post on here every month. But who knows. I've never done college before! lol I'll just be taking one day at a time I guess...

  2. That sounds super exciting! I'm in public school but I'm super skeptical about the professors in universities because even though they know what they talk about when they teach, I heard some of them don't know how to teach... And that kinda freaks me out. :P

    xoxo Morning

    1. Well I hope that since the school hired them they'll have the qualifications to teach! But really I've never learned from someone teaching a class before anyway so I'm not too worried about it. I'll just read the book.

  3. I was homeschooled my whole life too. and I start college next Monday. its insane. I have so many emotions flooding through me right now I cant even handle it. its crazy. lol.
    but Im a psychology major. I've (thankfully.) always known what I wanted to do with my life.
    but, unlike you, i've actually always struggled in school. so Im really nervous for college. Im afraid I wont be able to keep up. Ive never had deadlines. I've also only written one essay my entire that.
    but yay college! good luck and my God be with you during this huge time of change. you're gonna do great!

    1. My friend is a psycology major! And psycology is one of my classes this year. So that's so cool!! But yeah I know what you mean, deadlines are going to be a new experience...

  4. I was homeschooled K-12, and was pretty worried about college -- not the academics, but the living away from my family, having to find friends, etc. It turned out that college was a wonderful experience, and one I still cherish.

    Best wishes for your new adventure!

  5. YAY KARIS! :D Have fun and good luck!! Thinking of you and Bethie!