Wednesday, August 26, 2015

College. Can't Say I'm Loving It.

Its probably a really terrible idea for me to be writing about college right now.

Honestly its very overwhelming. Extremely. All I can think about it how in the world am I ever going to complete a semester.

That probably partially due to freshman orientation. The professors idea of keeping everyone super busy so they're not homesick, but really its exhausting everyone out of their minds.

Let me just say, I am majorly looking forward to going home this weekend. (hopefully) I am going to need a break and a chance to recharge before coming back to campus. That is the introvert coming out in me. But I have never been around or talked to so many people constantly in my entire life. I really should have been prepared better for this.

But on the other side, I have met some fun people in my class. Yesterday I was waiting for my friend/cousin to get out of her meeting and I was wondering around looking for something to do while I waited. I was walking towards the door and I saw outside two people sitting just chilling and talking. Well the guy I had met earlier because he was in my orientation group, but the girl I didn't know. But I was like hey, I'll try something new and just put myself out there. So I went and sat down beside them and started chatting. Well it turned into a very entertaining conversation that several more people joined in on and when Rebekah got out of her meeting she joined us too! (though I think she was a bit shocked that I was talking to random people. I think I surprised myself!) So that was my one entertaining accomplishment of the week. We'll see if it happens again...

Classes started today. I had three things I had to be at right in a row from 10:00 to 1:00. They went well I think. I mean I don't know. I've never sat in a class before. It was kind of overwhelming and scary and claustrophobic, but I felt accomplished too. I'm kind of nervous about how much homework I'm going to get. I really don't know, and I really hope it doesn't become and overwhelming load. (I think that is the word of this post. Overwhelming.)

So I'm at college. Can't say I'm loving it. But I'm hoping I'll become accustomed to it.

Mostly though, I just hope I survive the week.

it is what it is.. there are something we can change, all we can do just accept


  1. I agree 100% -- orientation is so seriously overwhelming. Like, WHY do they even make it so crazy??? Not helping, college people. Not helping. Uggghhh :P xD

    Anyway, I am praying for you dear, that your next 2 days of classes won't be too stressful, and that you'll just have fun and meet cool people and learn awesome stuff. :) Keep on persevering through it -- I know you can!!! ^_^

  2. I am so sorry you're having a rough start to college. this makes me sad. I can relate a bit though. it has been a bit overwhelming. I'm praying for you girl. remember, you can do all things with Christ who strengthens you :) hang in there!

  3. Entering the school year has been scaring me a bit, too. Teachers have been expecting so much for me that even though it's only been a week and we've been given the bear minimum for homework, I'm just wondering when things just start to get a bit scary... I'm quite terrified.n O-O I'll be praying that your classes will be going a lot smoothly; stay strong!

    xoxo Morning

  4. Awww Karis! I'm sorry to hear it hasn't been that great so far! I'm hoping and praying that it gets better for you sooner rather than later. :-) O week at my uni has optional events nad not too many compulsory ones which is great but tiring. Do you live on campus? Cause I was going to say maybe between classes nip back and have a sleep or a bite to eat :D

  5. This was me! This was so me my first week or two of college. Although I'd taken a course or two at a local community college during high school, so I knew what the classroom scene was all about, I felt sooooo overloaded and overwhelmed when I hit full-time college. In fact, I went to my adviser's office my second week and cried and cried and cried because I was convinced I could never meet all these goals and read all these books and write all these papers and do all these projects.

    However, I learned after I felt similarly overwhelmed at the beginning of the next semester, that this is a by-product of having to read through 5 or 6 syllabi in two days. So Many Papers! So Many Projects! But you've got months and months to do all that, and often a paper or project will get ditched by the prof -- a syllabus is often more of a "here's what I wish I could get done this semester" list than what will actually take place.

    Three back-to-back classes can be pretty rough, though -- maybe tuck a granola bar or other protein-filled snack like nuts in your backpack to nosh between classes to keep your mind sharp and your energy up?

    Most of all, pray, eat well, and sleep. And remember what Rachel Lynde told Anne of Green Gables: The sun will go on rising and setting whether you fail at Geometry or not :-)