Wednesday, January 20, 2016

First Day of Classes! (wait, canceled!?)

So today was my first day of classes for my second semester. 

And, yes, they got canceled.

Well. Almost ALL canceled.

Sadly they didn't cancel my 9:00a.m class. *sniff* But everything AFTER that got canceled.

Because we got SNOWWWWW!!! We almost never get snow. So we were all really excited!!

It turned into a super chill (haha get it?) day. Played some games. Lounged in the caf. And decided to do a photo-shoot! I love taking pictures and generally I have no lack of willing model volunteers. It was snowing so heavily that it was absolutely gorgeous! My fingers kind of froze. (can't really wear gloves while you take pictures...) But it was so worth it cause I really had a lot of fun. 

I got someone to at least take one picture of me so I'd have it. See the pretty snow! :D 

Anyways, looks like this next semester I'm going to have about 15 hours of classes. (Unless I decide to try out for the play. They're doing the Sound of Music, and I have such a baby face I think I could play one of the kids pretty well. But I'm still unsure about the whole idea because it is a lot of extra time. Maybe I could just try out for the part of a nun or something...) Which is more hours than I had last semester. I have 9 am classes every day. At least its not 8 am! I'm hoping I'll settle in to everything nicely and it'll be a good semester. We shall see! 


  1. The photoshoot was so much fun! Thanks for taking such loverly pix :)

  2. that picture of you is stunning!

    and DUDE TRY OUT FOR THE PLAY!!! I did my schools play last semester and I had the best time of my entire life. DO IT! its so worth all the extra time!

    1. You are very convincing! It sounds like doing the play could be a lot of fun. Maybe I'll give it a go! :D

  3. Ok first of all SNOW! I adore snow! :-D it's 35 degrees c here urgh

    Second of all DO the show!! it's the best fun and TSOM is one of my favs to have played =D I would love to play Maria but I'm a Mezzo/Alto so hm. It's currently here in Aus and I'm super excited for it to come to my hometown :D

    1. That's actually cool that you're an Alto! I am too! Altos unite! lol :D