Monday, April 27, 2015

A Really Random Blog Post

The part of the show where I write a really random blog post. :D

Because there are a lot of things I'd like to write about, but I don't really think I should devote an entire post to each one. So I shall be writing about a lot of random things in one post! Hurray!

Okay, I lied. This topic does deserve an entire post, so for the moment I shall just hint about it. Cause it was super fun and exciting and I have like a billion pictures. I visited a Renaissance Festival! Complete with a joust and everything! We dressed up of course. I shall elaborate more on that later... For now one picture.

Yes, that is my friend from Adventures of An Elven Princess. :D I'm on the left.

I was super happy to see the return of When Calls the Heart over on the Hallmark Channel this past Saturday! I loved the first season of the show last year. Its pretty cute. Its based on the Canadian West book series by Janette Oke. They took liberties with the show of course. (who doesn't these days) But it's still a great show and a lot of fun! It even has horses, which, you know, makes me happy. And I love the costumes! So I'm happy its returned for a second go. Saturdays on the Hallmark Channel 8/7c!

Season two airs 8/7c on @hallmarkchannel    4/25/15!

Aanndd the Kentucky Rolex 3-Day Event was this weekend! (If I haven't spelled it out yet, I'm a big horse fan. lol) The Rolex is like huge in the eventing horse world. They have this really awesome live stream for the event. So I basically spent my weekend watching it while I did homework.

If you don't know what eventing is, its english riding that is a competition consisting of three events generally over three days. Each horse and rider team must compete in dressage first, then cross-country, then show jumping. The pair with the best score is crowned the winner after all three competitions. Its basically the Iron Man triathlon of the horse world. It requires finesse, endurance, and precision. This year it was won by an amazing German rider who actually took both 1st and 3rd place because he competed with two different horses. Confusing I know, but no less amazing! Anyways, I've been basically glued to the live-stream on the internet for the last three days. There were some absolutely amazing horses and riders competing this year! (Yes, I watched it last year too...)

Check out this helmet-cam video of Elisa Wallace and Simply Priceless as they take on this year's cross-country course. It was her first year competing in the Rolex and they finished in the top 20. Very well done!

And lastly, I'm very happy to be finishing up school. My official graduation is at the end of May. Woo-hoo!

Until Later!


  1. Ren faires are the funnest! We took our kids to one for their first time last year, and they were goggle-eyed.

  2. The Renaissance fair is the best! It doesn't often occur where I live... I'd love for it to happen again!

    xoxo Morning