Sunday, April 12, 2015

That Time I Cosplayed Bilbo | The Hobbit Challenge

 "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Anyone else out there enjoy a good cosplay? I sure do. :D
I have a really exciting one coming up, but more about that later...

NOW, if you follow the lovely Beth's blog you will have read something about the #HobbitChallenge fan video contest. The folks over at The Hobbit decided they wanted fans to recreate scenes from the three movies. Naturally I couldn't resist. I love filming things. (like a lot) So this was like the most perfect opportunity! How could I not?

With a little deliberation we decided to recreate the "Good-morning" scene from An Unexpected Journey. Only in our version the lead characters would be female.

The part of playing Bilbo fell to me. Mostly because I'm short, lol. Beth starred as Gandalf. And on a very cold January afternoon filming began.

Bilbo Baggins

Did I mention it was January. And. Cold. And I was barefoot?

We ended up filming in the middle of my horse pasture because, despite the fact that it wasn't green, it looked somewhat like Hobbiton. And we stole the bench from my kitchen to use as Bilbo's bench in front of his house. The other interesting thing we changed from the original is that we had Bilbo sip tea instead of smoke a pipe. We thought it would be more ladylike. (it also took foreverrrrrr to curl my super straight hair)

About a million camera angles, takes, and bloopers later we had a hilariously fun little video. (and a really long behind the scenes video)

We didn't win, but I still think we produced a great entry. And it was loads of fun! It was totally worth walking around barefoot in the middle of January for! Besides, we got to check two more awesome cosplays off our lists.
From Beth's blog

Perhaps one day Peter Jackson will watch our video and think we were the coolest fans ever... You never know... :D


  1. Oh YES! It was so much fun making that video -- plus, Middle-earth cosplays are always great, like ya said. :D

    P.S. Your new blog is so perfect!! I love your posts so far and am so excited for you to become part of the nerdy blogosphere hehe. ;D

    1. Thank ya! I am now a member of the nerdy bloggers! Yay! :D :D

  2. Ooooh you're the one in the video xD. Great job btw!!! Maybe if I go to visit Beth we could all do one

    1. Haha Yup! That's me! :D Come join the party, the more the merrier! Maybe Marvel will have a film competition next and we can all dress up as Avengers. :D

    2. Awesome!!! Yesireee! XD

      *sheepish grin*

      I haven't seen it yet

  3. What fun that looks like!

    BTW, I tagged you on my blog here just now.

    1. Thank you so much for all your kind comments!

      I will definitely try to do that tag, it looks fun!

  4. I loved your video! So sad you guys didnt win:P but lovely cosplay and awesome video. you guys did great!

  5. You girls should've won! It was the best cosplay video out of them all=D You both looked perfect for Gandalf and Bilbo:) I love cosplaying...especially Middle Earth cosplaying as Beth mentioned above:) I cosplayed at a modern Kili when going to The Battle of the Five Armies=) It was fun and I need to do it more often:)