Wednesday, April 22, 2015

tv show review - Scorpion

One of my absolute favorite things about Fall  is the fact that new shows premier on tv. (And your favorites from last year return for another season!) Of course most of the new shows will be ridiculous or get canceled, but one can always hope that you will find that one you like among the newbies. Its basically like a television treasure hunt...

This year CBS launched a new drama called Scorpion. Its wasn't originally on my radar. I must have missed the promotionals somewhere or another. It ended up that my cousin introduced it to me. (We have a tendency to trade tv and movie suggestions.)

 Scorpion Tv Show

Borrowing the description from IMDb, "An eccentric genius forms an international network of super-geniuses to act as the last line of defense against the complicated threats of the modern world." Basically the show is about a team of eccentric geniuses who tackle various intense problems.

Its actually based on a true story which makes it even more cool!

I personally love science-y, tech-y, and genius-y type stuff so this show perked my interested from the start.

Now I think this show has a lot of potential. But it has had some bumps along the way.

 I have a feeling this exchange might happen between Eli & Red. Especially if they were undercover or something.

To start, they have a lot of really great ideas but sometimes they don't come across as well as they could have. The dialog is lacking in areas. But I will agree that the basic idea behind the show is really good. And they have done a fairly decent job explaining each of the character's back story. I think the writing did get a lot better as it went along though. And a lot of the story plots were really original!

 With Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong. An eccentric genius forms an international network of super-geniuses to act as the last line of defense against the complicated threats of the modern world.

The directing and acting in Scorpion started out a bit rough. That really is not surprising though since for most of the actors this was their first big role. But towards the end of the season I could see a large improvement. Particularly with the main character. There were a few scenes in the last couple of episodes that I was really impressed by. I don't know who directs the episodes but that always tends to have a big impact on how well of a performance the actor gives. (In case you didn't know its better to watch new movies by who directs them than by who acts in them. For example David Nolan directs The Dark Knight trilogy and Interstellar. Both are amazing.) I think as the actors became more comfortable with their roles it got a lot better.

(This show is also, except for like maybe one episode, pretty clean; which is always nice.)

Scorpion on cbs 

Over all this show isn't as captivating or cinematically stunning as some of the stuff on right now. But it is decently entertaining and it has a lot of potential. Its the type of show that you just sit down and watch when you just want to relax. (and not be emotionally traumatized!) Its guaranteed to make you think, and you'll feel super smart as you watched a bunch of geniuses save the worlds problems. (It also has some secret agents involved, who doesn't love a good spy?) While its not my all time favorite or the best ever made, I enjoyed it.  I think this show could go somewhere; it has a lot of potential. Its pretty entertaining and lots of fun.

So if you're ever bored and you're out of things to watch, try looking up Scorpion!

Scorpion on CBS 

(They just wrapped up season one and should be back with a second season in the Fall!) (And don't you just love borrowing pictures off the internet? Thanks Pinterest!) :D

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  1. Scorpion may have it's downsides but it seems a lot like the type of show I would be interested in watching! :)

    xoxo Morning